About Us
Itis Scientific

We are dedicated to providing a secure and reliable place to purchase all your laboratory glassware and hardware needs.

We can boast in having one of  the best scientific glassblowers in Australia with over 40 years industry experience and can cater for all speciallized requirements.

Itis Scientific has always worked in the research and development of human medicines, alternative green energy, and our own range of standard chemical compounds and solvents for use in all areas of science.

We specialize in the research and synthesis for the future sales of plant growth regulators. Under our trade name 'Itis Products', we have over the past 20 years conceived and developed a large range of products for market including mirror paint, sun tracking devices, alternative fuel products, and also even Ice creams to name a few, as well, we have recently been published (2016), in a peer reviewed and refereed journal (see under our publications page or visit http://www.nrronline.org).

Itis Scientific has an Australian licence (since 2009), to produce ethanol for combustion engines.  Since then and after many years of research we will begin sales to the public aiming at the hobby industry due for Xmas 2017.

Itis Scientific has been granted a provisional patent for our novel mirror coating. This product was developed over several years of research and uses natural essential oils such as thyme, cassia and others as well as of course  pure silver, making it a safe product to use at home. This product is suitable for the home hobbyst and stained glass industry. As a result of sustained development we can now guarantee and endorse this exciting new product.

Our original soy ice-cream developed and owned by us is blended from all natural foods with no artificial preservatives or colours and designed to work as a soft serve just like Mr Whippy. It has been sold and trialled in markets around Melbourne and will soon be available only through our on-line shop aimed at the retail market, if you love soy based products then this ice-cream is garanteed to please you.

To add to our diversity and showcasing our interests in all things scientific, Itis Scientific has been developing a sun tracker that will provide the home user with the ability to maxamise the sun's energy for use with their existing solar panels. This product has been developed by us and is Australian technology and know how, currently being assembled for our on-line store. 

It is time to showcase our exciting range so stay tuned for further updates and launches

Research conducted at a leading Australian University has enabled Itis Scientific to soon become an industry leader in plant growth regulators for the home gardener.
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