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We here at Itis Scientific have a wide range of interests in all things scientific.  This website reflects these diverse interests and we can soon provide all your biotechnology needs specializing in ethanol production from second generation enzyme fermentation methods.  While we are not yet ready to ferment ethanol we are very close. This new product will be available soon mid 2017 and is only available from 'Itis Products', our trading name that has been researching the field for over 10 years.

We can also soon offer a wide range of laboratory glassware and hardware to suit most chemical processes. This new branch of our operation is currently being set up to provide the consumer or researcher with valuable alternatives to the current retail providers and insures we keep Australian made products.
Below you see an image of a PIN protein responsible for the active movement of plant hormones.  This is an exciting new field of research that we hope to bring to market. The newly synthesized small molecules we are developing will provide the home gardener with the ability to control the growth of their plants. As well we have uploaded our publications and videos that give you an insite to our work over the past 10 years.
The Complete PIN protein
PIN protein found in all plants and involves the movement of plant growth regulators. (Image taken from PDB)

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